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“Life is colorful” I have titled one of my pictures, and my life is also colorful. The hours I spend in my studio I feel as a gift from heaven.

Colorful is my favorite color, in which I change my soul state

reflects. For me, painting is the soul’s wandering through the world of my feelings, the feeling for colors, which, depending on the constitution, I tend to choose unconsciously. At the same time my love for experimentation is by no means in the way. With great curiosity, I observe the creation of a work, be it on paper, wood, canvas, metal or glass.

The secret of my work is not to force anything, but to let it arise. My hands are the tool of my soul.

Since the colors speak to me, I always make the right choice. When the time comes to finally sign a work, an inner voice tells me. This can sometimes be relatively fast, but can take months. Sometimes I spontaneously stop painting when I see in eyes that can not come from me.

Anyone who deals with my pictures has the opportunity to send his imagination on a hike. He will always discover something new.

Important artistic stations in my life:

From 1980 to 2008 Various smaller group exhibitions (chalk pencil drawings and acrylic paintings)

2009 founder of the artist group AUDEPOLITA (Austria-Germany-Poland-Italy)

2009 Residence (Hofgartensaal) Kempten (DE)

2010 Philosophical Workshop and Gallery Vienna

2010 Dengel Gallery Reutte (AT)

2010 article: http://artmagazine.cc/content49610

2011 Catalog: Artistic Approaches, Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, Rybnik (POL)

2011 Art and Culture House Rybnik (POL)

Article: Tvgodnil, Rybnicki; Zalew Kultury, Fundacja Elektrowni Rybnik, ul. Podmiejska, Rybnik (POL)

2011 Public Art (Spirit of Poland) Rybnik Gallery (POL)

2011 Art Gallery Vincent Pfronten (DE)

2012 Art Fair Marbella (E)

2012-2013 Who`s Who Visual Art

2013 Art Prize Cetificate of Excellence (Palm Art Award) Art Leipzig

Private collection Dreamscapes & Nigthmares Reutte (AT) 25 works

2013 Int. Art Fair Marbella (E)

2013 Int. Art Fair Beijing (CHN)

2014 Pfannerhaus Rosshaupten (DE)

2014-2015 Who`s Who Visual Art

2014 Gallery Steiner Art & Wine Vienna (AT)

2015 Atelier Route Pfronten (DE)

2015 nominated for Kitzbühel Kitz Art (AT)

2016 Art compass

2016 nominated for Kitz Award (AT)

2016 membership in Kitzbühel Art (KitzArt) AT

2016 Art Innsbruck / December (AT)

2017 1Ingolstädter Art Expo International 2 times nominated for best interpretation

2017 Nominated for Kitz Award

2017 Gallery Art Time Udine (IT)

2018 Nominated for 2nd Ingolstadt Art Expo International

2018 2nd Ingolstadt Art Expo International

2018 International  Prize Caravaggio Milan (IT)

2019 International Prize Botticelli Florence (IT)

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