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Life Events

born in Augsburg / Germany in 1964, mother German, father from Calabria / Cutro.
Art class with Gernot Hausner.
My focus is on portraits (commissioned work) as well as freelance work such as tattoo models.
Instead of tattoo machines and wrenches I use oil paint and canvas. It is a kind of a kind of art of a
kind of a kind of a human show. I combine that in my works.
Art led me to Italy, near Florence.
Numerous private individuals are among my customers and enjoy my “colors of life”
2019 With pictures represented at the Pop Kiss – International
Art exhibition in Schleswig
2019 Represented in the gallery Popstreet Hamburg
2019 Represented in the gallery Kunstfabrik Konstanz
2019 Exhibition 2nd Steiner Art Days in Stein am Rhein / Switzerland
2019 Exhibition at the Autohaus Bach in Singen
2018 Represented in the gallery Lerch in Stein am Rhein / Switzerland
2018 Exhibition Color Crosses Borders in Stein am Rhein
2018 Exhibition Opposites 2 in Stein am Rhein / Switzerland
2018 Exhibition Opposites in Stein am Rhein / Switzerland
2012 Hotel solo exhibition at Vogue in Arezzo – Italy
2012 December 12, 2011 to January 08, 2012 – Montevarchi – Italy
2011 GA in Leipzig
2010 GA – Elvis Festival – in Leipzig – Germany
2010 Group exhibition with well-known painters – Gallery Vasco Peli – Italy
2010 Cafe Esprit – Leipzig – Germany
Luigi Muto
How i see myself in the art
Art and life are inseparable from each other
Life as an artist is for me the opportunity to live without separation from life and work.
I am always attracted to all facets of art: her spiritual, healing, crafty-sensual, philosophical side …
What makes my art so unique?
As an artist, I want to express creativity and imagination with my image.
An image can have a different meaning for each viewer. Whether art expert, art lover, art investor or
art muffle, we can find something with which we identify ourselves, which triggers a special feeling
in us. It is exactly this individuality and the great variety that inspires me.
Instead of tattoo machines, I use oil paint and canvas.

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50 x 70 cm - Shark - Öl auf Leinwand = 650 Euro
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