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Marie Franco was born in the city of Caracas Venezuela from a very young age she leaned towards art and began in the wonderful world of painting, from that moment she began her experience and concerns about related to the plastic arts in oil, acrylic and charcoal in different  materials.  For Marie Franco, her Venezuelan roots are important since in most of her works the color yellow, blue and red is visualized, the emblematic colors of the Venezuelan Flag, being inspired, and capturing the humanitarian crisis in her paintings, she carries out her works with that energy  , with her art wants to promote and spread awareness of the pain that her native country is going through, Marie Franco wants to try to produce positive emotions and help Venezuelan immigrants in the world, the suffering of millions of Venezuelans, Marie Franco wants to capture in  her works that is why each work is unique to her.  He has the dream of having his own humanitarian aid foundation, his own sensitivity to his artistic gift makes him see that: “life itself is a work of art, something that you paint or write with your heart”

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