Mihaela Craciun



Life Events

Country Romania

Date of birth: 14.11.1973
Currently: medical assistant at the Emergency Clinical Hospital – “St.
Spiridon”, Iasi-Romania

Graduated Schools:
– “Grigore Ghica Vodă” Post-secondary Health School
– Popular Art School “Titel Popovici”, Iasi, Painting section
Currently: Student, third year, at the National University of Arts
– “George Enescu” from Iași, Pedagogy of Decorative Arts section

I am a member of:
– “iArt International” International Association from Iași since 2019
– Association of Visual Artists “IasiArt” since 2020
– 2019 Artbeats India International Association
– Member of the “Chicote – Alicante” Art Gallery in Spain from

the year 2021
– I have an art page in the Virtual Museum, World Virtual
Museum” in Haifa
– I have an art page in “Art Cad” – France ‚,Jose
Galvan’s Directory Arts Montmartre” in Paris

Group exhibitions:
1) National:
– Iasi in the “Top Art” Gallery
– “Queen Maria” Museum 2010-2021
– Pim Gallery, 2020-2021
– “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library, in the halls
of spring, summer, autumn and winter in the year 2018-2019
– Bacău – Bacovia Theatre
– Bucharest – “Art Bazar” Gallery
– Brașov – “Transilvania Gallery”
– Cluj – “Cluj Art Salon”
– Alba Iulia – Brukenthal Museum donation of two works for
“Lodge of Guitars”
– “Dacia Magna” magazine, 2019
– Press interview granted to Mr. Aristotel Bunescu, for the Agency
National and Cultural “AGER PRES”, Bucharest, national and
international, where I obtained certificates of participation, awards and diplomas
of excellence.

2) International:
– Within the Association of Artists – “iArt International”, within
Central University Library from Iași “Mihai Eminescu”, during the period
– I am enrolled in the international art group “Word of
fine Arts” – USA
– I participated in the International Exhibition “Expression of Color”
– Global Network of Artist Society – Gnoas, Virtual “Khine Art Gallery” –
– I participated in group exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 within
of the “iArt International” Association at all the spring, summer,
autumn and winter
– I participated in the art competition in Greece – “The Heart of Art
Contest” 2019
– I also participated in other international exhibitions online on
the pandemic period in: Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Germany,
Italy, France, Morocco, Greece, Dubai, America, Argentina, Sidney, Switzerland,
And so on
– I participated with works on Discovery Art where I obtained two
posters of international acclaim
– I participated in the Indian art competition – “Kalaratnam
Foundation of Art Society – Kfoas” in 2020, 2021 and 2022 where I obtained
gold, platinum and diploma of excellence awards.
– I participated in the Global Art Exhibition “Be**pArt – Art end
Revolution” from Italy – Rome, for Guinness Book Records, in the framework
Atelier Montez, with a work of 50/70 cm, in a series of 30 works
of 10/10 cm.
– I participated in the Christmas Exhibition of the Association “iArt
International” – Christmas Angels, 2020 represented by Mr. Dan Buy,
within the Hotel Unirea with works under the donation regime.
– I participated in the Exhibition – “The Path of Suffering”, at the Museum
“Queen Mary”, in memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, in the frame
of the “George Enescu” University of Arts in Iași, coordinated by Prof. Dr. in
Aesthetics Ofelia Hutul.
– I participated in the Group Exhibition of the graduates of the Popular School
of Art “Titel Popovici”, at the Ateneum Theater in Iasi in 2020.
– I participated in the Autumn Festival, 2022 at the Center for the elderly
“Ana Aslan” from Iasi, where I obtained a diploma of excellence and a diploma
of participation.
– I participated in the Art Festival from the Region of Moldova,
coordinated by Prof. Conductor – Liliana Costea, where I obtained the first prize.
– I participated in the Group Exhibition “Color Mix Club”, within
Iulius Mall Complex, coordinated by Mrs. Professor Carmen Sirbu in
September 2022.
– I participated in the Painting Exhibition – Spring Salon in
within the Military Circle, Iasi, March 2023
=I participated in my first Personal Exhibition – Floral Rhapsody
, within the Iulius Mall Complex in Iasi, during March 2023
=I participated in the Painting Exhibition at the Circle Museum
Military “Stefan the Great” from Iasi, during the Centenary of the Constitution
of Romania as a whole – Historical Landmarks and Legal Significances, during the period
March 2023
=I participated in the Painting Exhibition – The Miracle of the Resurrection from
within the Iasi Military Circle, April 2023
Completion Exhibitions of the year 2023
1. The exhibition SPRING SALON from CERCUL
MILITARY from Iasi
2. PAINTING EXHIBITION of students from the University of
Art, George Enescu, Department of Pedagogy of Decorative Arts, from Iasi, to TONITZA Gallery – “REINTERPRETING THE CLASSICS II”
3. PAINTING EXHIBITION, within the Art Camp
Students from Iasi, from UNAGE, Arts Pedagogy Section