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Nabil Nasser-Eldin


Nabil Nasser-Aldin


Life Events

Nabil turned to Dean a poet translator and photographer writer
Born in Dalit village of Carmel
Tel: 31.3.1958

Prizes: The Light Groom Award from the Israel Communities Forum, Zionist Council and Zionist Writers 1999
2015 Receipt of the Golden Catch Award from the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel for my contribution to the children’s and youth literature in Israel “9.6.15 Cinematheque” Tel Aviv.

Bachelor of Education, Senior Certified Teacher of Hebrew Language, Teaching License for the Upper Division of the Druze Heritage.
Teacher Coordinator for Kiryat Kiryat Board Member Education Education Dalit El Carmel 42 years.

Positions: M. 2017 Member of the Council for the Design of Banknotes, Coins and Memorial Coins at the Bank of Israel.
29-6-2011 I was appointed by the Minister of Education Mr. Gideon Sa’ar Member of the National Library Council of Israel for a four-year term.
11-7-2011 I was appointed by the Executive Committee of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel Advisor to the Committee for Ethnic and Cultural Encounters.
From 2007 to 2009, I served as Deputy Chair of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel.
Photo exhibition “Carmeli” Dalit-Carmel Cultural Center 2019.

Teacher in Israel 41 Years – High School Dalia High School and Ort Ronson High School Mount Carmel
I have served in many pedagogical positions such as:

Moderator and lecturer for the Druze heritage in the Druze sector for 6 years {from 1984 to 1990},
Druze Heritage Coordinator at the Dali El Carmel Integrated Training Center {M. 1995 to the Present}, Social Education Coordinator at Dalia Ospai Comprehensive High School as well as Institutional Education Coordinator and Druze Heritage Coordinator
And coordinator of peoples cultures.
Member of the Haifa University Study Program Committee for the Development and Preparation of Content in the Druze Heritage for Druze Schools, writes and advises educational curriculum at the Zionist Council in Israel for Jewish students in Israel,
Member of the Hebrew Writers Association in Israel and member of ACUM, member of the Druze Association for the Advancement of Foreign Relations, Education and Culture in Israel, Member of the Dr Zionist Movement in Israel, Member of the Names and Education Committee of the Local Authority Dalit El Carmel, and Member of the Forum for the Advisory Board The Zionist Council Award and the Israeli Communities Forum 1999.


January 2010 On my own initiative, I set up a creative apartment for Hebrew writers in Israel at the Yad Lebanim House for Druze in Dalit El Carmel.

A: Project coordinator {Percentage of Jews and Druze} who holds meetings every year between Jewish and Druze poets and writers in the Druze sector and the writer’s house in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
B: Volunteer lecturer from 1992 to the present at the Druze Hand House for the Druze Jewish Connection {Life and Blood Covenant) and the Druze Heritage and Culture Characteristics.
C: Lecturer has accompanied a Marine Corps course in Haifa for eight years
To recognize the Druze community in Israel.
D: Lecturer volunteer IDF for a decade.
E: Establishment and Director of the Museum “The first Druze Heritage Carmel House in the country, 1993 g: Director of the Druze Dame Carmel Study Center 2002

Creative …

Ten books in Hebrew and Arabic are published and the following are the names of the books:
This year 2020 third poetry book “Carmel poetry” in Hebrew and Arabic Tic Tac Publishing

1: “Anakid al Duali”, 1992 {in Arabic}.

2: Idyllia Dalia, 1997 {in Hebrew and Arabic}. Carmel Dalia print.

3: The Druze Heritage House, 1999.

4: A life alliance with the state for all time, in Hebrew, 1999. Printing to Basha Dalia.

5: The Philopedia Vol. 13 Target Institute The Community Center for the Community, on Hagai and Druze Customs in Israel, in Arabic. “Originally written in Hebrew”, 1998

6: Heritage of the Druze Community, 2000, Published by the Zionist Council.

7: Fiction from the Druze Heritage Spring, 2000. “In Hebrew”. Albasha Dalia

8: Growing Words on the Green Mountain “Poetry”, 2001 Jerusalem. “In Hebrew”

9: Love and Peace from the author’s home, 2003 “Poetry.” “In Hebrew”. Citrus print Haifa.

10: In addition to writing and editing over “thirty journals and educational and social newsletters for the use of educators and students in Arabic and Hebrew”.
11: An Arabic song book? Anakid “Clusters” in editing.
12: {Two books on the way – the first “Eida Culture” by the Druze boys
And the other is a poetry book in Arabic.
1. The fox book he wanted to marry writer Ezekiel Moriel
{From Hebrew to Arabic}.
2: Hebrew to Arabic translation of the book “Meeting between cultures” published by the Carmel artists.
3: Hebrew to Arabic translation and over 500 poems to colleagues from the Hebrew Writers Association, in hopes of publishing the anthology in my editorial with the poet Balfour Hakak.
4: Partner in editing and writing many books for friends …. “in Arabic”
Lexicon of Hebrew writers in Israel

Performances: 30 years as a volunteer lecturer at the Yad Labanim for Druze Dalit El Carmel, about the heritage and witness culture and the alliance of life between the Druze and the Jewish people and the eternal state of Israel.

Also hundreds of performances throughout the country and especially lectures at the Yad LaBanim for Druze
Dalit Al-Carmel in front of a diverse audience {especially applies to Haifa base sailors, PUM-Afek courses, police PUM, and all security arms}, as well as teachers, administrators and supervisors from the Ministry of Education, ORT network, and government offices, students of all ages And the rest of Israel as well as students from all over the country of all ages and a foster home in Afula .. Coordinator for a youth poetry project from all over the country by the Hebrew Writers Association, where I won a first place student Nadine Surek and under my guidance. Also at Shai Agnon in Jerusalem and at the Tchernichovsky Writer’s House in Tel Aviv in collaboration with community artists and members of the Association. Likewise a large number of nursing homes in the country to contribute.
I wrote a public song booklet in Arabic for early childhood 1995.
And a translation for the children: The Fox Book who wanted to marry writer Ezekiel Moriel
{From Hebrew to Arabic}.
The laureate for the Israel Communities and Cynical Council Forum

The topics selfish addresses:
* The theme of the Druze community is its heritage and culture and alliance of life between Jews and Druze in Israel.
* Literature and nature poetry in prose and poetry.

All for the sake of literature, education of values, familiarity and heartfelt affection.

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