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A native from BRAZIL , Minas Novas city (MG), Nil Camargos was born in 1969 and moved as a child, to Sao Paulo. He began his artistic career at 12 years of idade.Camargos admires the technique of working with the vibrant colors and from the beginning has been improving and researching new techniques to leave your personal mark “a versatile painter” Navy themes, landscapes, and Casarios Paraty Historic Cities. Besides, says special attention to their students. “My greatest inspiration is the art and therefore try to teach every detail that is requested, causing the students themselves do the painting under my supervision, because this is how we learn my technique.” Nil Camargos he teaches painting in Sao Bernardo do Campo is an artist and sponsored by Acrilex, where he always participates in several national and international events such as fairs: HobbyArt, Mega Craft, School Fair, among others .* It had works exhibited in several malls in Sao Paulo, art galleries * participated and participates in special magazines in the industry in varying step.
After having his work recognized in Brazil and abroad, he has been featured in exhibitions and paintings negotiated with Marchands, many works published by several publishers in magazines step by step, being sponsored by #TintasAcrilex, besides beautiful works reproduced in Finiart and also being invited to make a partnership by reproducing some pictures in products for a worldwide brand #ShopVida . Now another beautiful new story begins to be enrolled in Online Projects.
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