Paul Simo



Life Events

 live in Israel since 1990.
 2018 Netanya , “Netanya Cultural Community ” , Cultural Center Annual Exhibition, Netanya, Israel.
2019 Septembe ,” The annual exhibition of the Netanya Artists Association” a collective exhibition at the Culture Hall in Netanya, Israel.
2019 December, Chinese Art Festival, Hunzhou China.
2020 August, group exhibition, “New artist” Ra’anana Cultural Center, Israel.
2020 September, “New Artists” group exhibition, Netanya Cultural Center, Israel.
2021 November, group exhibition, “Lights and shadows, figures and landscapes” Cinematheque Tel Aviv, Israel.
2022 July, exhibition Tel Hai Gallery, Netanya Israel.
2022 October, collective exhibition,” through the mirror” Municipality of Netanya Israel.
2023 may” poets and painters” Municipality of Netanya ,Israel.