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Life Events

Painting is my passion and life!

I was born in ancient, beautiful and artistic city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I carry its creative spirit and energy with me everywhere! There were also my first exhibitions and appearances as a creator.

I graduated from the Art school in Plovdiv and then graduated Academy of fine Arts in Sofia, majoring in painting in the class of Prof. Nikolay Maystorov.

Now I work and live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I have experience in many fields of art – painted animation, illustrations, graphic prints, performance art and installations, visual poetry. I love synthesis and overflow between the arts. Apart from painting on canvases I like drawing body art and enjoy painting on human body.

I love experimenting with art. It is hard to get into any frames.

I have 15 solo exhibitions at home and abroad, participation in general exhibitions.


1996 – Exhibition of Painting,’’Shipka 6’’ – Sofia

1996 – First Solo Exhibitions – ‘’Experiments’’, KKD in Pleven

1998 – Exhibitions of Painting – ‘’Balabanov’s house’’ – Plovdiv

1999 – “The Circle’’ – paintings, gallery ’’Seasons’’ -Sofia

2000 – ‘’16/27’’ -exhibition installation in an urban environment-the Bridge of National Palace of Culture

2000 – ‘’Parts of Room’’ – visual installation and drawings, Pleven, Bulgaria

2001 – ‘’Insights yards’’ – paintings, drawings, collages, visual poetry – ‘’Red House Center for Culture and debate – Sofia

2002 – ‘’On the road” – exhibition of painting – Gallery Circle, Sofia

2002 – paintings in Majorka, Spain

2005 – paintings – yoga Art Studio OM, Sofia

2008 – “Bright Blue Days” – hotel City, Sofia- painting and pastels

2010 – “Stolen Wings” -paintings, Gaya Gallery, Sofia

2016 – “Hope” – paintings, Greenwich Book Centre, Sofia

2018 – “Something like a key, something like a flower” – Chaya Tea Room, Sofia

2020 – I work as a freelancer, as a professional artist

Many of my paintings are collectables from Bulgaria, Germany, America, Spain and Czech Republic




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