Rachel Klein Elazari



Life Events


I was born to Holocaust survivor parents, who lost their immediate family in World War II, immigrated to Israel, and started a second family. The breakup, the self-pity, the unspoken disaster, undoubtedly influence the atmosphere of the first paintings. In the years after the birth of my two sons, the style of painting opens up and frees up, taking on lighter, but no less deep shades.

I draw the virtual characters nesting in my soul. The real characters that surround me and influence me in the changing present. They are all there, the figure and the soul, the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, the deepest secret part that we hide even from ourselves and dare not look at except in our dreams. I deal with it every day, without hiding from myself, without deceiving myself, as much as I dare.

The style of painting I developed, processed realism, of a factual layer and an emotional layer. It is not pure surrealism, on the one hand, but neither is it hyper-realism. My paintings are accompanied by a process of looking deeply into the space around me, the objects, animals and people, which occupy an important place in my works, not always recognized, but the emotional process that these images evoke in me, placed openly on the canvas, teasing the observer and the audience.

Art for me is a constant search path, after the deep truth, the style, experimenting with different materials, different approaches. I believe that life is a learning process that only ends with the end of our life.

Art studies:

The first teacher, his student for 3 years, who influenced my work is the late Baruch Elron, who developed fantastic realism. As a classical teacher, he taught the “Chiaroscuro” technique.

Also studies at Avni school, sculpture, modern painting, classical painting.

Experience in workshops with Aram Gershoni, Micah Sat, Gil Zellner (student of Jan Rauchwerger).

General studies:

Bachelor of Pharmacy, 1976.

Master’s studies 1997 – Modern Art at Tel Aviv University. (Supervisor: Prof. Moti Omar).

Master’s degree with a thesis in community mental health at the University of Haifa.


Solo exhibition at Beit Witso in Tel Aviv, under the auspices of the Municipality of Tel Aviv, Surrealism, 1998

A solo exhibition, under the auspices of the Municipality of Tel Aviv – Then and Now, Yad Labanim Center Tel Aviv 2001

Exhibition with the late Aviva Durfan, City and Man – Soho Center – 2006

Group exhibition, She and He – Amiad Center 2009

Group exhibition, Blessing of the Sun – Minus Ehad Gallery 2009

Group exhibition, female responsibility – minus one gallery 2011

Group exhibition, live art – Ben Ami Gallery 2021

Group exhibition, art at this time – Ben Ami Gallery 2021.

An exhibition with Limor Heidi Amsalem – Umam Studio – 2021 – Kiryat Al-Malakha Tel Aviv.

Group exhibition – Time of Corona – Zionist House of America. Curated by Moran Yacovi. 2021.

Group exhibition – Smiling fences – outdoor exhibition on Sderot Yerushalayim in Jaffa. – 2022

Group exhibition – Tirosh Gallery (curated by Orli Dvir) – Glorification – 2022

Group exhibition – Air Force Base, Herzliya. – 2022.

Solo exhibition at Omam Studio – 2022 – Kiryat Al-Malakha, Tel Aviv.

Group exhibition – “Light” – Lotan Gallery, Old Jaffa. 2022.

Group exhibition – Lights of Paris – 2022 – City Hall in the 9th arrondissement, Paris.



 Recognition as an artist:

Included in the list of artists in the book, Israeli Art – Art For People, published by Stimatsky.

Included in the list of artists in the book, Contemporary Israeli Art ISRAELI ART COLLECTION, – published by Stimatsky.

Member of the Bat Yam Painters Association