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Painting is essential for him in his daily life, it is his viaticum. He doesn’t talk about salads, he likes silence; It’s a pleasure to know him. When you start to approach him, you discover an original artistic universe, populated by strange beings…. But where is he going to get it all?


What artist is he?

“Since my beginnings in drawing and painting, that is to say for twenty years, I have been committed to always evolving. Copies of works in my early days, my creations come out today, all of my mind. Music is an ally, it resonates constantly in the studio.
It is by automatic writing that I manage to compose my drawings, all imbued with motifs borrowed from Mother Nature (barks and tree trunks, flower petals etc.), from the animal world, especially fish, and of course heard to man, in particular his attitudes, his expressions.
The characters I draw present mechanical bodies in exacerbated dance movements going as far as the dislocation of the bodies. My work is a perpetual questioning on the world of men, on the appearance, reality, materiality or immateriality of things and beings.
If my privileged terrain remains “human”, I also draw my inspiration from nature. This year, my work talks about the situation of migrants in the Mediterranean. For a month now, I have approached the interpretation of eroticism through my works. “

Where does he exhibit?

“Several exhibitions mark my career, presented in places as diverse as: Foyer des Oiseaux in Besançon, Biennale des Arts, Identité Café, Bertrand room and multipurpose room in Beure, a gallery in Nancy, the CHU of Besançon, Zone Arts, in restaurants etc. “

Where does he transmit his art?

“I worked with people in social difficulty in a CCAS structure: CréAtelier, rue Champrond in Besançon; In addition, after-school intervention in Gennes for 3 years then in Larnod for 2 years. “

Autoportrait 2020
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