Sema Peyman




Life Events

Sema Peyman was born in Istanbul in 1960.

As a mock artist, she carried out her first workshops in the workshop of Faruk Cimok.

With this training, she improved herself and opened her first solo exhibition in Istanbul.

She made researches in museums in Paris, Rome and Vienna. She started her artistic life with Impressionist works and continues with her hyper-realist works.

In 2013, she started to make animal portraits thanks to the American art manager she met.

Human portraits were later added to her portraits using soft pastels.

Recently, Sema Peyman, who has been among the leading painters of our country in soft pastels with the addition of landscapes and still lifes, continues her works in Istanbul. She has works in national and international collections.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018  Cercle d’Orient Art Gallery

2017 Niş Art Gallery

1999 Pago Art Gallery

1997 Bodrum Art Gallery

1996 Bodrum Art Gallery

1995 Bodrum Art Gallery

1993 Akbank Bahariye Art Gallery


Selected  Group  Exhibitions

2000  Nil Art Gallery İstanbul

2010  Galata Art Gallery  – İstanbul

2011  CulturalAttaché of Egypt

2011 Haliç Congress Center Art Gallery İstanbul

2015  Müjdat Gezen Art Gallery  – Ankara

2016  Niş Art Gallery İstanbul

2016  Abacı Art Gallery İstanbul

2016   Dar Cephe Art Gallery İstanbul

2016   Beşiktaş  Marine Museum

2016  Niş Art Gallery

2017  Ortaköy Art Gallery İstanbul

2017  Art Ankara Art Fair/NişArt Gallery

2018 Abay Art Gallery

2018 Boat Show

2018 Beşiktaş Marine Museum






OVERVIEW 60 x 80 cm Dry pastel on canvas

OVERVIEW 60 x 80 cm Dry pastel on canvas

YOUNG GIRL PORTRAIT 50 x 70 cm Dry pastel on canvas

GENÇ KIZ PORTRESİ 50 x 70 cm Tuval Üzerine kuru pastel

CARDIGAN KIDS AND CAT 50 x 70 cm Dry pastel on velvet paper

HIRKALI ÇOCUK VE KEDİ 50 x 70 cm Kadife kağıt üzerine kuru pastel