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Sinisa Radojevic – Singer


Sinisa Radojevic - Singer


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Sinisa Radojevic – Singer was born in Novi Sad (Vojvodina) in 1975.
Started painting watercolors since early childhood, through teenage years, never stopping till this day, although attended High School of Economy and then later studying English language.
Thinking out loud:
As a little kid I was amazed when I saw what a few drops of water can do to some watercolor paint…. then I was stunned when I saw what that combination can do to a piece of paper…. an then… I was aware…that the watercolors will be the first love of my life…
At first watercolors became my passion… then my obsession… and then, finally… for the last 20 years – it has been my profession (with passion and obsession)…
Besides many solo exhibitions, many sold paintings etc., yet my greatest privilege and joy is knowing that hundreds and hundreds of my watercolor paintings are decorating people’s homes worldwide… and will remain there, so that their grandchildren and their children can enjoy watching them, too…
Knowing that you left some trace… and for someone… and for a long time to come… is a feeling beyond happiness.

888 "Rainy city"

888 Gradom...

822 "Towards the town centre"....

822 Prema centru...
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919 Twilight in the bay

919 Suton u zalivu
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9700 "Dream"


868 Sunny winter day

868 Suncan zimski dan

889 Morning at sea

868 Suncan zimski dan

915 On a fishing trip

915 Na pecanju

781 - Marina

781 - Marina

On Sundays ...


813 Remains of winter ...

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