Life Events


WRITER – Pseudonym: XONHYA
Born in Salta on September 10, 1960. He studied at Juan Bautista Alberdi-Tucumán. Today he
resides in Santiago del Estero.
In 1980 he arrived in Santiago del Estero where he entered the "Juan Yapari" Academy of Fine
Arts of the North.
In 1982, he received the Silver Medal with his work "Iglesia San Francisco". And at the end of
her studies the Medal of Best Graduate of the Teaching. In the year 2004 she received the
Engraving Professor
His productions range from Symbolic Social Realism to Abstract Expressionism.
Some of his works represent a social moment of pain and death in the 70s: “NN” (ink
26x41cm), “Common Grave” (Pyrography 13×18), “COMUNICADO N°0 (Artist’s Book)
Abstract expressionism corresponds to works such as: “El Vinalar de pasiones” (Mixed
50x70cm), the diptych “After the flood” (Mixed 32x49cm each), “El beso” (Agua Fuerte
He has also worked on representations of corners of our province: "El Cristo de Madera" (32 x
45 cm), "El Puente Negro" (Monocopy 15x22cm), "Las torres de la Catedral" (Acrylic 30x30cm).
The legends of our land such as: "La Salamanca" (Woodcut 30x43cm), "El Alma Mula" (painting
37x56cm), "El Huayra Muyoj" ​​(Mixed 37x56cm)
I represent religious images: “El Cristo Axero” (40x60cm woodcut), “Jesus, they turned their
back on you” (22x38cm woodcut), “One Last Look” (19x20cm woodcut).
The characters of the reality of the province are not absent in his production: "Maria Adela
Agudo" (Xylography 19x24cm), "El caudillo" (Monocopy 15x20cm)," Eusebio" (Monocopy
During the pandemic I experiment with different media and modes of representation. From
this period are: “A shared nightmare” (Monoprint and gelli plate 18×28 cm), “Only earth and
roots” (Monoprint and gelli plate 18×28 cm), “A shared nightmare” (Monoprint and gelli plate
18×28 cm), “After of work” (woodcut, 20×20 From the series: The hands).
He wanted to eternalize the face of women from pandemic femicides in works such as:
“Priscila, the adolescent angel” (gelli plate and 18×28 monoprint), “The thorns stopped your
fall” (gelli plate and 18×28 monoprint), ”The smell of the sea took away your screams” (gelli
plaque and 18×28 monoprint). (gelli plate and monoprint 18×28).
In 2003, he donated works for the Museum of Art and Crafts of Termas de Río Hondo, in the
Province of Santiago del Estero. Creator of "Sesquiarte", the first art meeting for young
students from common schools in Termas de Río Hondo.
In 2016 he assumed as Head of the Artistic Area in the Faculty of Visual Arts at the "Juan
Yapari" Higher Institute of Fine Arts until his retirement.
In 2022, he assumes the ad honorem Presidency of the La Bohardilla Art Chamber in assembly,
being elected by the associated artists.
1982-(SdeE) Silver Medal. – Pictorial Contest "Santiago and its Churches" – El Liberal
Newspaper – Bishopric of Santiago del Estero – Cursillo Movements of Christianity – Museum of
Fine Arts
1982-(SdeE) 3rd Prize. Recorded. – “Spring Annual Exhibition” – Spanish Society Award
1983-(SdeE) Honorable Mention. – “Spring Annual Show” – Academy of B. Arts and Museum of
B. Arts
1983-(SdeE) Honorable Mention. – Logo Contest: Academy of Fine Arts "Juan Yaparí"
1984-(SdeE) 4th Mention. – I Contest of: "Poetry in Freedom" – LV11 – SADE – SER
1984-(SdeE) 2nd Plastic and Poetry Honorable Mention. -I Illustrated Poem Hall – APASE –

1984-(SdeE) 1st Engraving Prize. – “Spring Annual Fair” – Jockey Club Award and El Liberal
1988-(SdeE) 1st Prize – Drawing and Engraving Contest "Today is the time of Faith" –
Undersecretary of Education and Culture of the Municipality of Santiago del Estero.
1995-(SdeE) Selected for the 3rd Engraving Hall –
2000-(SdeE) 2nd Prize –Literary Contest for Parents” –Prosa- Colegio La Asunción

1990-(SdeE) "El Cristo hachero" – Fortnightly Ataricuy Newspaper – Barrio San Martin Cultural
2007-(SdeE) “My experiences in the Perception and Creativity Workshops” –Culture
Supplement – ​​Nuevo Diario.
2007-(SdeE) "Perception and Creativity Workshops" – ISBA Research Conference
2007-(SdeE) "Any Day" – Co-author III Educational Research Anthology.
2011-(SdeE) "Perception in Research" – IV Educational Research Anthology.
2014-(SdeE) “Without you” – “Portrait”- “Profane soliloquy” – Literary Anthology- Collective
Summa of Art.
2020-(Tuc) "Out of Time" – Voices in Quarantine Anthology – Volume I.
2020-(Tuc) "This I write is not for you" I Literary Anthology – Women's Writings.
2021-(Tuc) "Free Silence" – "The utopia of change in quarantine" – "Portrait" – "Soul of a Bird"
Anthology Poetry Argentina 2021 – Volume I. – Limited Edition.
2021-(Cba) "Action Manual" – For the labor rights of Contemporary Art in Latin America – Co-
author – Version 1.1 – Bilingual edition Spanish Portuguese
2021-(Tuc) "When the Soul rebels" – Co-author – Historical Archive of Tucumán.
2019-(SdeE) Jury in the III Art Contest – Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.
2019-(SdeE) Collaborative Work "Te and Art Painting Workshop" – Solidarity Event "Fundación
2021-(SdeE) Collaborative Work in Project ARTE JOVEN – La bohardilla Art Chamber.
2021-(SdeE) Collaborative Work "Te and Art Painting Workshop" – Solidarity Event "Fundación
2021- (SdeE) Jury in the IV Art Contest – Catholic University of Santiago del Estero.
2022-(SdeE) Jury in the V Art Contest – Catholic University of Santiago del Estero