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Life Events

I’m miller Stephen 40 years old, I’ve learned electrical installer, I was born in Kelheim with my siblings in Hemau. Am divorced was 5 years married without children. In the past, I used to buy cheap cameras to take pictures, leave photos, make photos of family celebrations. Photos edited very simply kept either color or black and white, photo books made online. Then I joined facebook and got to know my friend (professional photographer + girlfriend reporter) for 3.5 years until Facebook then met to take photos at events in Munich (Germany) by well-known photographers.

After half a year break with the friend was on events. Now for a year now I’m going to events regularly to take pictures with him or without him. Whereby we meet rule mähßig see meeting and he gives me tips on what I can do better, or should not use, what camera to buy and objetive, photo editing louder tips I get from him. So very good friendship meanwhile.

When I was in Ingolstadt in September 2nd Art Expo International 2018 Fotgrafierte I learned a lot of people ( Sascha Weinberg Veanstalter moderator artist, Judith rabl artist invited me, Mariaritas art, altogether 50 artists from the art know made photos from them with their pictures, that brought me already two Nomminierungen in Italy.

In order to get a price. Had 2 photos with can send. After that in October the choice of the MGSU came to the Miss German Sport Regensburg 2018/2019 where I met a lot of new people again Jennifer za (Miss German Sport football unique 2018/2019, Jasmin Zahn, Max Winter Moderator and a few more.) So go to other events where I will be invited, where I now also Ingolstadt (Art Expo International 2018) more and more also get invitations from artists.

In November I photographed and made mobile videos in the Kirr Royal singer, in the W aldwirtschaft (disco night in the forestry), I got an invitation from the organizer of the Kirr Royal to take photos for him and make videos with the phone. Then I’m still X-Mas shopping with DJ Woiferl in the showroom Starnberg Marek & Stefan Palle -Pinzer where I also took pictures for her and got to know the fashion of the two.


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