URI Freundlich -Multidisciplinary artist

30 years I have been filming nature and trying to paint the photos with a combination of light and shadow to get the final shot. I was very influenced by my favorite painter William Turner, and I have been doing many sunsets with fog and smoke on the backdrop of the sea. I also like to shoot characters with special people.

Up to the digital age all photographs were black and white. The images were all developed and printed by the dark room in my house.

In 1990, I studied in a course for painting black/white photographs by special oil paints. After the course ended and the exposure to the color, I started painting with oil colors. I drew for a few months and stopped because of the burden of my work as a building contractor.

42 years I worked as a building contractor. I was always involved in planning the buildings for details, especially in the design of the finishing work. In 2013, I was retired and all my time was devoted to art. Painting, photography and writing. I also learned to draw on ceramics, a wonderful thing in itself.

I represented three group photo exhibitions at the City Museum in Haifa. In addition, a nationwide exhibition on behalf of the Israeli Photography Association, an exhibition presented in several cities in Israel. In addition, I have introduced my work in 20-group painting and photo exhibitions in various places in Israel and abroad. Includes group exhibitions as part of the Social and Sculpture Association of Haifa and the north.

I introduced a single exhibition from January 2019 for 4 months, in Haifa’s Municipal Theater lounge, 40 total works – paintings, photographs, and I write poems and do-it, some of which tell the story of paintings I drew. I participated in an open song contest on Carmel, my song on the Louis promenade was the one that was exhibited on the wall at the entrance to the auditorium.

I participated in a photo competition in Japan with another 10,327 photographers from the world (about 200 from Israel). The International Photographic Salon of Japan held the competition. . The photo I sent-“Homeless woman in N. Y”,  Won a gold medal and was exhibited in the exhibition in the various cities of Japan.

I participated in the “Carmel in the Camera” competition held in 2015. A photograph I submitted for the competition “the reflection of the sunrise on the Louis Promenade” won the first place.

In recent years, I have participated in the judging team of the international Cartoons competition in Haifa, 1000 works for each competition

In 2017, I published a book of “Flares” in jointly with the poet Danny Neumann, all the editing and design were made by, with a combination of photographs and my work paintings tailored to the great songs of Dani.

I hold two journalist documents, one member of the Israel Press Association, Haifa and the north, and the other is a member of the Israeli Association for Television and community communication “time of Haifa”.

As stated above, I retired from my work as a building contractor and went back to painting and filming. First, I painted on canvas, I moved to paintings on silk fabric and I recently painted on jeans. I commemorate the outdoors in my many travels and directing photographs on a home porch.


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