Yehudit Yehezkely Galili

Multidisciplinary artist

יהודית יחזקאלי


Life Events

Judith Yehezkeli (Galili) was born in 1930 (sixth generation in Israel. From the father’s side).

Multidisciplinary artist, veteran educator, pedagogical instructor, lecturer, film producer and community television reporter in Haifa. she received the award of a dear Haifa woman.

In 1941, when the German army under Rommel’s command was preparing to conquer the country, Yehudit together with the children of her class and the teachers and parents – collaborated with the Hagana organization and helped to fortify defensive canals in the Masada on the Carmel.

In 1946, after breaking into the Jewish immigration camp in Atlit, she was a member of “Hagana”, participated in transporting the immigrants to Beit Oren, and after the Black Sabbath, volunteered to work in Yagur.


In 1947, Judith participated in a radar course in Alonim and Juja on behalf of the Haganah organization. She guided the Haganah and the working youth.


In 1948, Judith participated in the liberation of Haifa and joined the Palmach. She trained and accompanied convoys.

In 1950, Judith attended a teacher’s seminar in Haifa and taught at the Pabzner School and the Hadar Realistic School in Haifa.

In 1952, Judith was a student in Jerusalem and one of the founders of the state school in Beit Shemesh (Har-Tov).

As a Jewish student, she took part in “volunteer” activities

In 1954, she went on a mission from the Jewish Agency to Morocco to set up a kindergarten and teach the children Hebrew in the studio.

In 1955, Judith joined the Mossad organization in Morocco. And in addition to her role as a teacher – a kindergarten teacher, she was recruited to connect people, recruit people, make slides and more.


In 1956, when Morocco gained independence and the agency’s offices were closed, Judith continued her work in the “Mazzan” immigrant camp (by Casablanca).

In 1957, Judith continued her mission in Marseille in the “setting” on behalf of the Mossad.

Judith dealt with photography, making stamps, writing (forging) passports and preparing slicks.


In 1960, with her husband, Shlomo Yehezkeli, she went on a mission from the “Mossad” to Paris, helping him as much as he needed in the special roles, he took part in.

In 1965, Yehudit’s family went on a mission in Central Africa on behalf of Mashab.

In 1976, Judith passed a journalism course, published articles and articles in the field of education. She completed her academic studies.


From 1977 until Judith’s retirement, she was involved in education and teaching for various ages and taught in colleges.

Judith was a teacher of children’s literature combined with teaching arts. She has authored textbooks for children and adults and won the Rotary Award and Education Awards for seeking and implementing new ways to improve teaching.

In 2007, as president of the Allies, she received a nationally recognized award for her activities and volunteering in the community.

In 2008, she received the second Lebanon War letter, and the decoration of Haifa dear.

Throughout the war, Jewish volunteers volunteered to assist in hospitals and shelters.

In 2010, on Women’s Day, Judith was selected as one of the three women honored on the eve of a national salute in Holon, for being a pioneer in therapeutic education in teacher and horticultural training, and teaching through puppet theater.


In 2011 she participated in ten exhibitions of her works and had a solo exhibition of sixty years of puppet making. Some of the dolls were donated to kindergartens in distressed areas, to a brick house in Kiryat Haim, and to the puppet museum in Holon. Judith serves as chair of the puppet theater school in Haifa

Yehudit is a reporter for Haifa Community Television, interviewing and preparing portrait films and articles. Judith won the award for three films.

“And Haggadah” – on the release of Haifa in the year 1990

.”Short in touch” against the violence in society

.”The sea is not cruel ” (Portrait film)

From 2017 to the present. Yehudit is a member of the Mount Carmel Committee in Haifa and continues to lecture on “heritage” issues in community centers, nursing homes and schools.

Judith serves as Chair of House 9 (The Puppet Theater School in Haifa)


From 2018, Judith volunteers at the Haifa City Archives.

By 2020, Judith has authored several books:


“I sing and read”

Think and write correctly””

Puppet theater””

Waves of life””

An act of hedgehog””

A fateful mission””

And booklets for holidays and holidays.


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