Geoje 10th International Art Festival – 2024
The Israeli national team will participate for the second year in the annual international art festival in South Korea. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘coexistence through art’.
The festival will start in September 2024 and will last for about two months. It will be judged by twenty-one judges from countries around the world among them; Israel, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, France, Japan, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Spain, Italy, Bangladesh, Croatia, Germany, USA, Portugal, South Africa and Colombia.
The chairman of the jury for 2024 is Ms. Heidi Fosli from Norway. The jury is composed of artists, art historians, museum directors, photographers and sculptors.
The judge chosen to represent Israel again this year is Mrs. Adi Lasri, founder of the ‘World Virtual Museum’.

The 9th Geoje International Art Festival – 2023
On October 2, 2023, the 9th International Art Festival opened in South Korea in which about 350 artists from 56 countries participated and the joy was great. The Israeli team won awards of excellence and brought great honor to the State of Israel.
The director of the HaegeumGang museum Mr. Yu Cheon Eob and the president of the jury Gloria Grau Ruiz selected about 19 artists from around the world who made up the international jury.
The representative chosen to represent Israel on the panel of judges, alongside judges from Pakistan, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, France, and more, is Ms. Adi Lasri – the founder of the ‘World Virtual Museum’, who led the Israeli team of artists and won many praises from the National Congress and an achievement award from The mayor for her participation in the DMZ competition to design the map of peace through art. In addition, she received a certificate of commendation from the chairman of the board Kim Haeyeon at Geoge City Future Development Institute.

From Adi’s speech at the ninth international festival held last year:
“Art is an international language that has the power to cross borders and connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.
The International Art Festival in Korea is an amazing platform that serves as an example of joint work between countries, based on mutual respect and understanding between different cultures. And, a strong basis for creative activities and joint projects between the countries of the world. Its purpose is to bring about international cooperation to promote peace education and raise awareness of important social issues through joint dialogue. By producing exhibitions, and other artistic events, a dialogue is created about important issues such as human rights, social justice, environmental sustainability, peace and more.
In order to fully harness the power of art for social change, we must also recognize the need for ongoing investment and support, providing access to funding, resources and training for artists and cultural institutions, and creating a policy that promotes open access to the arts for the entire population.
This way we can ensure that the arts will be a powerful force for positive change and global cooperation and will continue to inspire us, beauty, and creativity.
By working together and embracing the power of art, with an emphasis on dialogue, inclusion and respect for human rights, we can provide a good framework for peace. We will create a more suitable environment for development and growth and reduce violence and conflict. This is how we will lead to economic and social well-being and reduce disparities between different groups in society.”