On the second of October 2023, the International Art Festival opens in South Korea.
About 350 artisans from 56 countries participated in the festival and the joy was great.
The Israeli team won awards of excellence and brought great honor to the State of Israel.

The director of the HaegeumGang museum Mr. Yuo Cheon Ayoub and the president of the jury Gloria Grau Ruiz selected about 19 artists from around the world who made up the international jury.
The representative who was chosen to represent Israel on the panel of judges, alongside judges from Pakistan, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Norway, Germany, France and more, is Mrs. Adi Lasri – the founder of the ‘World Virtual Museum’, who led the Israeli team of artists and won many praises from the National Congress and an award Achievement of the mayor for her participation in the DMZ competition to design the map of peace through art. In addition, she received a certificate of commendation from the chairman of the board Kim Haeyeon at Geoge City Future Development Institute.

Adi Lasri founded the ‘World Virtual Museum’ in 2018 in memory of Holocaust survivor Ms. Elsa Shoshana Langer (1933-2018), a painter from Haifa, with the aim of promoting art and artists from around the world and allowing them to be exposed and reach the general public. Today the museum has over 10,000 artists and has accumulated over 21 million views worldwide.
In a speech delivered by Adi at the event, she stated that “the International Art Festival in Korea is an amazing platform, which serves as an example of joint work between countries, based on mutual respect and understanding between different cultures. By producing exhibitions and other artistic events, a dialogue is created about important issues such as human rights, social justice , environmental sustainability, peace and more”.

The feeling was wonderful until the seventh of October, which stopped the celebrations and turned reality upside down.
Only this week, after four months of waiting for the return of the flights and the arrival of the long-awaited prize package, it finally happened. The members of the delegation met at Bar Ilan University for a festive and exciting ceremony for the distribution of certificates and prizes.
The joy was mixed with sadness and at the same time with a strong desire to take part in the tenth international festival that will be held in September 2024, this time the theme of the exhibition “Coexistence” a subject that is so close to us and at the same time light years away.

10th Geoje International Art Festival – 2024
The 10th annual international festival will begin in September 2024 and will last for about two months across South Korea. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘coexistence through art’. The jury consists of twenty one judges from twenty countries around the world. The chairman of the jury for 2024 is Ms. Heidi Folsey from Norway.

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